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As educators, we know all students have different learning styles.

Some students are auditory learners, some are kinesthetic learners, and some are visual learners.

My students have various learning abilities and some have special education needs.

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I've learned that it can be hard to get a whole classroom of kindergartners engaged in a lesson, asking questions, discussing, and excited to participate because students learn in different ways.

Students’ exhibit different learning styles and multiple intelligences, and only by accommodating these various abilities can instructors properly plan and conduct assignments and assess what students have learned.

This article outlines the types of learning styles and multiple intelligences of students, as well as instructional techniques that work best with students’ respective learning traits.

It is at this point that a field study is reduced to the category of a field trip; a lot of time spent on logistics with little return in learning.

To maintain the intellectual integrity of a field study, the coordinator has to look at it from the perspective of pedagogical as well as science content.

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