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Dave has been in the mental health profession since 1980.He has worked in a variety of settings, including SASS crisis intervention/stabilization, inpatient psychiatric units, residential treatment, as well as private practice since 2002.He integrates mental health and spirituality to address real-life situations.His spiritual and Christian-based counseling approach helps clarify values, while strengthening one’s faith.The Short Version: After using Match in the early days of online dating, David Evans quickly realized that it was an emerging trend.He decided to further embed himself in the space by creating his Online Dating Insider blog, which became a go-to for industry insights, and he, in turn, became a sought-after expert.

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They [were on] their third bass player and third drummer by the time I left the band.

One tool they use with all their students is called the "Odyssey Plan." The goal is to map out multiple ways in which your life could unfold. List three different five-year plans (you can use the worksheet available on the Designing Your Life website).

The first life is the one you already live, or that you've already committed to.

Design thinking is a strategy typically used to improve on a product or experience, like a lightbulb or online dating.

But it can also be used to improve on your life in general — and that's what Bill Burnett and Dave Evans set out to prove in their 2016 book, "Designing Your Life." Burnett and Evans teach a course at Stanford University's design program by the same name as the book.

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